Start franchise business with top PCD pharma companies in India

If you are searching “How to start franchise business with top PCD pharma franchise distribution companies in India” then this would be your last google search. Because in this article we are going to learn what is the PCD pharma distribution, benefits and risks associated with it and first step to start.

Before that, let us know the definition of the PCD Pharma.

What exactly is PCD Pharma?

PCD is the commonly used acronym for “Propaganda-Cum-Distribution” in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is a contract between a pharma franchise and the distribution company for the monopoly rights to sell and distribute products of a particular drug in a specific area. Let us understand in detail with an example.

Suppose, you are a franchise owner, and you deal with a franchise distribution company to sell particular drugs (say Napsoline drugs by Tipla Ltd.) within the radius of 50KMs from S. R. Nagar, Hyderabad. That means you will be the only seller of “Napsoline”, if anyone wanted to sell then he must need to buy “Napsoline” from you and resell.

How does the PCD pharma franchise work?

Let us know how exactly the PCD pharma franchise works.

  • PCD franchises will get the monopoly rights to sell particular products in specific targeted market areas.
  • Those monopoly rights are distributed by the PCD company if both parties agree to their terms and conditions.
  • Franchises can make money by reselling their products at Medical Store
  • Any medical store that relies on a targeted area who wants to sell such drugs then he must need to buy from the franchise only which has monopoly rights.

Benefits and risks associated with PCD Pharma franchise business

Let us start with the benefits as below,

  • This contract helps PCD franchise owners to increase profit margin by cutting out competition.
  • Gets complete guidance for setting up franchise business.

Along with the lucrative benefits, there are still some risks associated in this business, those are as below,

  • High capital investment, so every decision is important
  • Product without selling opportunity end up losing huge money
  • Required good professional relations with doctors
  • Business without experience may face uncertainties
  • Other reasons can be listed as risks

But, once someone said that,

“If you are surrounded with successful people, then sooner or later you will call yourself successful.”

Hence, we believe that we are the perfect to help you become successful by reducing your business risks.

Top PCD pharma franchise distribution company in India.

At Pharma Bharath we understand your capital, risk appetite, market requirements and opportunities in your area. And connect you to the top PCD pharma franchise distributor which is suitable for your requirements.

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About Pharma Bharath

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We have been having specialized team to support in the following,

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  • Create trust amongst both the parties
  • Share complete knowledge through specialized team wherever required
  • Provides best on time support
  • Helps in targeted market research
  • Provides service at affordable rate
  • Provides guidance in improving relations with the Doctors and Medical Store.

Our company’s culture is inspired by the “Knowledge first” attitude, having full of enthusiasm and altruism behavior we always feel happy to help you to clear your doubts and resolve queries with our in depth knowledge.

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